Life in New Ipswich Photos

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In 2014 I created a group on the flickr photo site with the idea of getting other folks to share their photos of New Ipswich in a single location.

Link to the flickr group:

Life in New Ipswich


The Life in New Ipswich Facebook Page has been the default location for sharing photos but it has a number of limitations. Photos quickly get lost in the torrent of games and general noise that pours across the screen. Flickr is a dedicated photos site, it is free but requires creating a yahoo account. They offer a generous 1 terabyte of storage for your photos and support adding tags, geographic data and customized permissions for viewing photos.

If you are presently a member and have photos of New Ipswich to share, please request membership to the group (link above).

If you have new Ipswich Photos on Google+, 500px or Pinterest I have created similar shared groups. Let me know if you use any of these so I can add your photos.

500px Gallery

Google+ Collection

Pinterest Board



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