Whittemore Hill

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“There were several other dames who enjoyed the unenvia-
able reputation of being witches. One of them especially,
with her high cap, bible and yardstick, which she usually
carried with her, and which were regarded as her talismen,
was looked upon with superstitious awe, not only by the
youth of the neighborhood, but by some of the most pious and
venerable men and women too.” – The History of New Ipswich

I’ve always been intrigued by the house at the base of Whittemore Hill. I visited the Bonn family when they lived there and today I visited Suzanne Durville to take some photos of the goats and the barn for a photo project. I was also interested in a story that Suzanne told me about a corner of the room that the dog and cat would stare at. The house has a great history, apparently the location of celebrations of the quaking shakers as described in The History of New Ipswich.

I felt nothing when I gazed at the corner, the veil to the other side is thick for me.

Durville Residence

Current Photos – April 11, 2017

The House at Whittemore Hill

Whittemore Hill (Undated photo)

The House at Whittemore Hill

Undated Photo of home

The House at Whittemore Hill

Undated Photo

I’m always on the lookout for historical photos of New Ipswich. If you have any, please let me scan them for this blog. You can contact me by leaving a comment or messaging me on Facebook or Google. Thanks.


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