M&M Farm

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Winter returned on April Fool’s day and that is no joke. On a snowy day I decided to look at some of the photos I took on a REAL spring day when it was warm and sunny. The New Ipswich Photo Club  chooses a photo theme for each month and the theme for this month is “barns”. Mary Ciancetta was nice enough to let me photograph her barn and take a nice walk by the West Branch of the Souhegan River. Those photos will be posted at a later date.

M&M Farm

M&M Farms on Goen Road (great sign)

M&M Farm

This is a beautiful barn

M&M Farm

Mary and Abbey

M&M Farm

Snow was almost gone until April 1st ruined it

M&M Farm

The chickens now reside in a horse trailer after a weasel killed several of their group. This is Loretta who was a bit shy.

M&M Farm

The “girls” would much rather be outside even though the trailer is a nice place to nest.

M&M Farm

I loved the way the light flowed into the hayloft

M&M Farm

Geometric Light

Back in 2007 there was another barn, probably 200 years old. Len and Lynda Swenson decided to tear it down. We had a memorial party for this grand old building. This is the story.


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