Down on the Farm

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I spent my childhood in Stamford, Connecticut and knowledge of farm animals was limited to what I might see at the zoo. It is a lot different here in New Ipswich. I learned that rather quickly when I watched a goat eat my mugho pine, or had to call my neighbor about an errant cow. I visited Scott & Karen Hackett’s farm on Friday to see some new lambs. I was most intrigued by their llama who seemed as interested in me as I was with him.

Down on the Farm by John Poltrack on

Making the barnyard great again

Down on the Farm by John Poltrack on

Ewe with her lambs

Lora DePlante has all types of animals, which make all kinds of noise. These guinea fowl are especially ineresting to watch. Lora said they were dumber than chickens.

Slim Pickings by John Poltrack on

A little green in my diet

Burro Hall by John Poltrack on

The Politicians of Burro Hall. 

The politicians of Burro Hall in New Ipswich, NH. The Middle one is a Barbados Black Belly Sheep, one of 2 or 3 types of sheep which grow fur and wool,  they look more like goats and shed their winter wool coats for a summer short hair one in warm weater. This is Hector, his brother Hoover is camera shy.. not so Hiedi the ‘devil goat’ or Sweet molly Mcguire.




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